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8 Most Annoying TV Characters

This really requires no introduction. Special condemnation goes to those who try to be funny (and fail) and to those who stifle the awesomeness of others. And some people are reprehensible for just, well, being. Here are our top 8 most annoying TV characters from recent shows.

8. Kenneth Parcell, 30 Rock

Kenneth Parcell

He is a small-town hick that should be far more amusing when juxtaposed against the backdrop of NYC. He tries incredibly hard not to inconvenience those around him but, in doing so, becomes an incredible inconvenience. He also has very large teeth.

Redeeming qualities: can manage livestock.

7. Karen van der Beek, Californication

Karen van Der Beek

She is the routine foil to the exploits of the massively flawed yet undeniably heroic everyman. To continually expect change from the unalterable is, quite frankly, stupid. Why didn’t you stay in New York and allow Hank to defile LA unencumbered?

Redeeming qualities: kind of looks like him.

6. Becca Moody, Californication

Becca Moody

See above.

Redeeming qualities: owns a PRS guitar.

5. Richie Aprile Sr., The Sopranos

Richie Aprile

In a world bereft of morality, he was a memorable fear-mongering sociopath. That he could go from zero to coffee pot smashing in the blink of an eye was particularly disturbing. That he often spit when he talked really didn’t help.

Redeeming quality: [trying really hard to think of one. Don’t hit me!]

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