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The 10 Best Book Covers Of All Time

judge book by its cover

Go ahead. Judge a book by its cover. If the name on the spine didn’t sell you, why spend more time on it? You have to leave time to READ the book, so the less time spent in the store, the better. Ever your humble servant, I spent thirty seconds of my own to recommend ten books, in descending order, based on my own assumptions of the title, none of which I have read. To begin a piece on the 10 best book covers ever, we begin with a question…

10. What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? The Answers to Life’s Everyday Question

what the fuck should I make for dinner

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The best title for any book is one that starts with the question you just asked. Here it is, the question I just asked, when I was hungry, standing in front of the only room in the house that even makes you ask questions in the first place. Seriously, do you ever stand in the doorway of your bedroom thinking, “Hmm. What’ll it be tonight?” or your bathroom thinking, “What did I run in here for?” or your living room saying “I don’t need the remote yet, I’m still deciding if TV is what I want to do?” No, so hopefully this book has kitchen answers. I don’t know about you, but another, similarly themed and long overdue book is…

9. How to Live with a Huge Penis

how to live with a huge penis

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Well, you know, you either buy it because you have a genuine concern that is finally answered or you’re compensating. Either way, it answers the question, “Which book should I take to the bar to make chicks think I read?” It gives you something to do while you become…

8. The Modern Drunkard

the modern drunkard

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I would like to see if I’m named. Is this a Who’s Who? Getting in might require…

7. Assholeology: The Science Behind Getting Your Way – and Getting Away with it

assholeology the science behind getting your way and getting away with it

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Have you ever been passed by an Escalade? I call them Assholecalades because they are driven, one hundred percent of the time, by assholes. There is no excuse whatsoever to ever own an Escalade. No human being is physically big enough to fill the driver seat, and no one owns enough furniture to ever fill the back.

Yet… Escalades are expensive, and assholes can always afford them, which means assholes are doing pretty well for themselves. This book will teach you, too. But until then, you can learn from…

6. Apathy and Other Small Victories

apathy and other small victories

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I know from personal experience that apathy is a useful skill. People get into trouble caring about things they can’t change. Your boss makes more money than you, the system isn’t working, idiots exist, so what!? You could spend your whole life trying to fix things, or… whatever. Lets’ move on to a related theme – parenting…

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